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A Layer of Protection on Cavity-Prone Teeth

Sealants are a special coating that is painted onto your child’s teeth. Sealants settle into the grooves of the teeth, including the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, where most cavities are found in kids.

Why Sealants Are Beneficial

Even if your child is meticulous with brushing and flossing, grooves and pits are difficult to clean, and plaque tends to build up. Since sealants protect your son or daughter’s teeth from food particles and plaque, this risk is significantly reduced.

However, make sure your child knows not to use sealants as an excuse to neglect their teeth! They will still need to brush and floss thoroughly every day to preserve their smiles.

What to Expect

Applying sealants is a fast, painless process that happens during a single visit, usually after your child’s 6-month cleaning. Since we dry and set the sealant with a special light, your child will be able to eat immediately after the appointment. As long as your child takes proper care of their teeth, sealants can last years.

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We are now accepting new patients! New patients can take advantage of our special, which includes an exam, fluoride, a cleaning, and x-rays for $59. The dentists at our location can decide whether sealants are a good idea for your child during their dental cleaning.

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