Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Summermouthguard

It’s the perfect time of year for bike rides, a game of tag football, or a round of beach volleyball. Now that summer is in full swing, your kids are mostly likely playing outside and engaging in outdoor sports. Although staying active is a wonderful way to stay in shape, your child’s teeth may be vulnerable to injury.

Consider a Mouth Guard

Dentists estimate that about 39% of dental emergencies are due to sport injuries, and many can cause long term damage. Be proactive and consider protecting your child’s smile with a mouth guard!

Dental protection is recommended for any sport that involves blows to the head, flying equipment, or risk of falling. If your child plays lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, soccer, or tennis—there is a possibility of falling, which can chip or break a tooth.

Helmet Protection is a Must!

kids biking- helmet usage

Helmet protection is also an effective way to preserve your child’s teeth. According to the Safe Kids Worldwide organization, helmets are 85% effective at preventing head and teeth injuries! Falling off a bicycle can cause your jaw to shut and wearing a helmet can prevent detrimental impact. Although helmet usage seems common, Safe Kids Organization reports that only 50% of children are wearing helmets while biking—making sure you educate your kids about the repercussions of biking sans helmet may save them from a costly accident.

For optimal safety, make sure you and your family are up-to-speed on Colorado’s bike laws and safety tips.

Talk to Your Dentist

Remember, mouth protection may not be required for certain sports, but it could be recommended. Consult with your dentist about any safety measures you should be taking to ensure your kids have a safe, active summer!

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