Making Sure Children Have Access to Quality Care

Are you dependent on programs like Medicaid or Health First Colorado for your child’s dental care? At Sunshine Kids Dentistry, we recognize the importance of these programs in safeguarding the smiles of little ones. If you’re eligible for this coverage, you’ll be glad to know that Sunshine Kids Dentistry is ready to accept it. Reach out to us today to learn how we assist our patients in fully utilizing their Medicaid/Health First Colorado benefits.

Medicaid/Health First Colorado Coverage Availability & Fees

Both Medicaid and Health First Colorado offer coverage for several preventive checkups annually, along with other preventive services such as dental sealants. However, there are variations in coverage for restorative services. For instance, while Medicaid covers general anesthesia and sedation, Health First Colorado may not. At Sunshine Kids Dentistry, we’re committed to reviewing your benefits with you to clarify what is and isn’t covered under your current plan. We’ll also transparently explain any applicable fees to prevent any surprises later on.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Has financial difficulty been a barrier to accessing dental care for your child? With Health First Colorado or Medicaid, this can change. Contact Sunshine Kids Dentistry today with your information, and we’ll discuss the coverage your child qualifies for and any out-of-pocket costs you might expect. Additionally, our team is available to clarify any concerns or questions you may have.